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They call me Dadi Wili and I am mad about electronic music.

A place of tranquillity, St Anne's Bay Jamaica

Wherever inspiration takes you, you’ll be glad to have your equipment at hand. Here I wrote a couple of songs in the warm, gentle breeze of St. Annes Bay, Jamaica. Sometimes you have enough to lay the foundations of a song as the moment hits you. Why not enjoy a cold beer whilst your in that moment?

Outside in the vibes

Logic Pro X meets Havana Cuba

Havana Cuba, my favourite place in the Caribbean, naturally where I go, my music setup goes and in Cuba, that was a top floor flat with rooftop balcony, where everything from Yoga, dancing and music production took place. By now I had fallen in love with Logic Pro X and had committed to full time music production. Everything you see fitting into a DJ backpack. One day it may all be battery powered and be off grid; wouldn’t that be something.

Logic Pro X comes to Cuba

The Ableton Live days

In the beginning of my return to music, I wanted to look at what was current. Having spent all my previous music experience with Cubase on an Atari 1040ST days, I was eager to see what was new in the world of music production. One product kept screaming out above everything else: Ableton Live! I purchased it with the Push 2 and had great fun for a while. This was my set up back then.

The Ableton Live home setup of 2018

Out of JA!

So, Jamaica was such a vibe. I had a six-week break. A time to clear my head of IT and all its pressures and turmoil. A time to relax and casually practise the craft of music making and production techniques. I was using Ableton Live at the time and was satisfied and content in making music in a new way. I had no limitations like back in the day when sample time was crucial. Truncating every unused part of the wave was a way of life. I met an old school reggae artist out there who decided to sing over the rhythm I was playing. It was my first vocal recording session. I had a portable studio consisting of 2019MBP, Portacapture8, Push 2, Microamp Rhode NT1, M-Audio 25key controller and a couple of headphones. That was a learning curve and many mistakes remained baked into the recording. Doors closing, truck airbrakes, fans and even a water pump bled into vocal tracks. Despite all, it gave me a enthusiasm to learn it more in depth.

The Ableton Live setup in Linstead Jamaica